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Notice of rent arrears letter template
(Association / Co-operative / Company Name & Address)
(Tenant’s Name and Address)

Notice to Tenant of Rent Arrears (Overdue Rent)
Dear (Tenant(s) name)
This letter is to confirm that as of the date of this letter, you owe $ (amount) in rent
arrears for the period (period of rent arrears).
Non or incomplete/partial payment of rent is a breach of your Tenancy Agreement.
It is also a breach of (Name of Association / Co-operative / Company & Address)
Rules and Bylaws.
In accordance with our rent arrears bylaw you are now required to pay the full
amount immediately.
Failure to address your rent arrears within the current period will result in a Form 2
being issued, Notice by the landlord to tenant to remedy a breach of a tenancy
agreement/notice of termination.
Should there be extenuating circumstances for your arrears you can contact (name
of organisation) and request a written agreement be entered into for re-payment of
the arrears over longe