Free Late Rent Notice Template 09
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{Recipient’s name}
{Recipient’s business name}
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25 July 2020
RE: Unpaid invoice # {Enter invoice reference}

Dear {Recipient’s name}
Stop credit notice
The above invoice for ${enter amount} remains unpaid despite our previous reminder. As such, we would
appreciate you making this payment as soon as possible.
I value your business but regret that we are unable to continue supplying goods or services on credit
while this amount remains unpaid.
If there was a problem with the goods or services supplied I urge you to contact me so that the matter can
be addressed.
Otherwise, if there is a problem paying this amount owing I’m happy to discuss an alternative
arrangement for payment so that we can get your account back onto normal supply as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

{Your name}
{Your position}