Free Late Rent Notice Template 04
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[Tenant’s name]
[Tenant’s address]

Dear [Tenant’s name]
Tenancy at: [Enter tenant’s address]
This is not an eviction notice. This is a 14-day Notice to Remedy regarding rent arrears.
Your rent is behind by $[Enter amount]. This is a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and
our tenancy agreement.
The last payment received was $[Enter amount] on [Enter date]. You are required by law to pay rent
when it is due.
Please pay $[Enter total amount] by [Enter date - at least 14 days from but not including today] (the
Payment Date).
You will also need to pay your current rent due on [Enter date] to bring your rent payments up to
Please call me on [Enter contact phone number] or email [Enter email address] to discuss
arrangements for you to pay the missed rent.
If you do not make this payment on or before the Payment Date, or make an arrangement with me to
pay, I can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to end your tenancy, and for you to pay all the rent owed.
I enclose a copy of