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Three Day Notice for Nonpayment of Rent

Resident name
City, state zip

From: Agent
City state zip
Phone #
This is to inform you that your rent is now overdue. You have 72 hours from the date of service of this notice in which to
pay your past due rent in the amount of $00.00. The amount due of $00.00 is for the period of (Date) to (Date).
If you do not pay $00.00 by 12:00 midnight on (Date), your lease will be terminated and (Management Agency) will, at
that time, be entitled to file an unlawful detainer (eviction) action for possession to the leased premises in accordance with
the laws of the state of Idaho. This means that you must either pay the above-mentioned rent amount to the onsite
manager within 72 hours or vacate the premises by 12:00 midnight on (Date). Pursuant to Idaho code § 6-324, attorney
fees shall be awarded to the prevailing party.
YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that you have (10) days, but not later than 12:00 midnight, (Date) from the date of
your re