Free Landlord tenant residential evictionFree Landlord tenant residential evictionFree Landlord tenant residential eviction
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Information or forms provided by the Clerk of Circuit Court should be considered as
basic procedural information only and may not be applicable to every situation. The
information is not intended to be used as legal advice. Specific guidance concerning
filing a lawsuit, answering a lawsuit or questions about your particular situation
should be directed to a qualified attorney.

Starting the Eviction Process
An Eviction action cannot be filed unless the tenant has first been given a written notice.
The notice should be done in triplicate and the original hand delivered, or if the tenant is
absent from the premises, by leaving a copy thereof at the residence or mailed to the
Please note: If the landlord mails the three day notice, the tenant will be permitted to
respond by mail. This will increase dramatically the time period in which the tenant is
required to pay rent. First, an additional five days for mailing will