Free land lease agreement 23
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Research Cooperation
Lease Agreement
AES Project #

This agreement is the result of a mutual desire
(name and
(hereinafter referred to as the Cooperator address)
or Lessor) and the
Department of the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station as Lessee to conduct experimental
agricultural research on lands owned or operated by the Cooperator.

2. The research to be conducted by the Agricultural Experiment Station is part of a project to
and it is understood by both the Agricultural Experiment Station and the cooperator that the experimental
materials, procedures, and equipment involved may present a hazard to property or persons in the area.

3. The land upon which the research will be conducted consists of approximately
acres locatedCounty
in the of North
n this agreement,
Townshithe CooperatorRange
indicates consent to in
the use of this land for the activities
described in item
No. 2 during the time specified in item No. 4. The Cooperator al