Free land lease agreement 18Free land lease agreement 18Free land lease agreement 18
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Sample Land Use Agreement
Land Use Agreement between Community Garden X and Landlord X
Mr. X (the “Landlord”) agrees to lease the vacant portion of his property located at
(location) for a fee of $
. per year to
Community Garden X (the “Tenant”).
Property Description:
The leased portion of the Landlord’s property (the “Property”) is
square feet in total.
It is bordered by A on the south side, B on west side. On the north side the Property is
bordered by C. The east side of the Property is delineated/bordered by D.
Property Use:
The Property is to be used as a public community garden with rented plots, to be
administered by the Tenant.
The lease agreement shall commence on
(date) and continue through
(date). This lease agreement will be reviewed at the termination date stated
above with the option of renewal each year according to the desires of the Landlord.
Option to renew will be communicated by written notice, 90 days prior to the lease
expiration date.
Landlord Ri