Free land lease agreement 19Free land lease agreement 19Free land lease agreement 19
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Landshare Canada has prepared this document as a simple template that you may wish to use as a
starting point when putting together agreements for the Landshare project described in this website.
This template was put together assuming Landowners and Growers will be sharing the land on a day-today basis. If you will not be sharing the land on a regular basis as the templates describe and the Grower
will have a greater degree of control or exclusive use sometimes, the templates will not be appropriate
for your situation and could create rights for the Grower which you had not expected.
Further, each potential growing space is unique and there are numerous complicated laws relating to
property that may also differ from site to site. The template cannot cover every possible circumstance
and is likely to need to be altered to some extent, even for use with the most straightforward Landshare
It is therefore important that, before you proceed, you take independent legal advice on: