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Home Inspection Checklist
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Before the inspector comes to your house with his or her home inspection sheet, be ready! Set the stage for a positive home inspection report,
and streamline your sale by addressing the items in this checklist before your inspection takes place.
Home Inspection Checklist

What You’ll Need

Confirm that all utilities are on and pilot flames
are ignited.
Make sure keys for all doors and gates are available to the inspector.
Make sure that all domestic animals are secured.
Change or clean dirty heating and cooling filters.

Materials: Filters

Clean kitchen range exhaust filter if there is a greasy build up.
Check batteries in your smoke detectors.

Tools: Smoke Detector

Return windows that have been painted shut to
regular operation.

Tools: Utility Knife

Replace torn weather stripping around exterior doors.

Materials: Weatherstripping

Replace any missing swi