Free Home Inspection Checklist 14Free Home Inspection Checklist 14
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Home Inspection Checklist
Always start by mentioning any of your own concerns.

Interior Checklist
Attic / Basement
 Can you get to the attic easily?
 Is the attic well ventilated?
 Are there any signs of water
damage in the attic?
 Does the basement smell damp or
 Are there any signs of water
damage in the basement?
 Are there any cracks in the
Water / Electricity
 Is the shut-off switch on the water
heater easy to access?
 Will the size of the water heater suit
your needs?
 Is the fuse box/main panel easy to
 Is the electrical up to code and
good enough for this home?
 Are there enough outlets in each
 Do all of the electrical outlets work?
 Is the bathroom well ventilated?
 Is the caulking around the bathtub
or shower moldy or missing?
 Is the tub or shower cracked?
 Run the faucets. How is the
pressure? Do they drain properly?
 Does the bathroom floor feel
spongy and/or have any loose

Fireplace / HVAC
 Is the morta