Free Home Inspection Checklist 07Free Home Inspection Checklist 07
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Home Inspection Checklist
Long-term damage from a persistent leak could result in costly repairs and a whole lot of headaches.
With annual plumbing inspections, though, you could make some of these potential problems dry up and go away.

Take a look around
The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety offers the following recommendations on what to watch for in
your home.
Once you’ve identified a problem, take quick action to remedy it.
Remember, it’s always advisable to hire a professional for plumbing repairs.

Kitchen and bathroom:
Make sure drainage pipes are solid and are not showing signs of leaks at the joints or from the bottom of the

P trap.

Look for signs that water has been dripping from the supply pipe connections. These include corrosion on
the supply line fittings and valves, and stains on the bottom of the cabinet.

Make sure supply line valves can be turned off and back on and that they don’t leak when they are

Look at the supply lines to t