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Home Inspection Checklist
Are inspections before you purchase a property really needed? Well, imagine moving into your new home and then
finding out two months down the track that portions of the electrical system are not compliant, you have serious water
leaks and a major borer problem? Enough said.
If you are considering buying a new property, use this checklist for your own inspection before engaging a
professional inspector. This might help you rule out a property before going too far through the purchase process:

Is the house insulated?
Do you see any leaks, water stains or suspicious new paint anywhere?
Do you see any cracks or bulges on walls (could be due to subsidence, moisture or condensation)?
Is there sufficient natural light in the house?
Is noise control within the house adequate?
Are the hot water cylinder and header tank securely fastened?
Are there any water pressure/plumbing problems (check by turning on several