Free rent increase letter 39Free rent increase letter 39
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In accordance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations, you
must provide sixty-(60) day advance notice to your tenant and the Housing Authority to increase
your rent. In addition, such increases can only be requested once per year, at the annual
anniversary date of the tenant’s recertification and must be received by the ACHA no
later than 60 days prior to the recertification date.
Although you may use your own form of request, we have enclosed this standardized sample to
make it easier for you. Simply follow these three steps:

Complete the form and indicate the following:

amount of increase that you are requesting;
property address of the leased unit;
effective date of the annual recertification; and
new rental amount.


Be sure to also list the date, tenant’s name and address along with your name. Don’t
forget to sign the form.


Give this Notice directly to the tenant and a copy to the Housing A