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286 Alta Vista Avenue
Roseville, CA 95678
(877) 771-7746

Website Design Proposal
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1. Authorization
The above named client is engaging Spinhead Web Design as an independent contractor for the
specific purpose of developing a World Wide Web site to be installed on the client's Web space
located on an Internet Service Provider's (ISP) server. Hereafter, the client will be known as the
"Client" and Spinhead Web Design will be known as the "Developer."
2. Standard Hosting Service
Developer will secure a hosting service on behalf of the Client. Standard hosting cost is $125
annually paid in advance, plus a one-time $25 set-up fee. The set-up fee is non-refundable.
Cancellation of the hosting service at the request of the Client must be made by certified letter. In
the event that hosting service is canceled at the request of the Client by registered letter, the
Developer shall have the right to pro-rate