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Website Design Proposal
Current Website
The current website:
Is a static business brochure website, it uses tables and HTML 4.01 coding, It contains 11 pages
including a gallery section displaying a number of photographs
A new website consisting of:
• A new design for the website together with 1 – 2 content page templates
• Between 10 – 25 pages
• Redesign of existing website pages
• Redesign and expansion of the gallery section
• Visitor statistics through Google Analytics (so you can see what pages your visitors go to)
• Payment page so that customers can pay the deposit and final fees through the website
All websites are built to XHTML and CSS w3c web standards (more information about these
standards can be viewed at
These website standards ensure the site is built to Google guidelines which will help improve on any
existing rankings the website has.

Other services
Website Hosting:
All our website packages come with free w