Standard Research Data Sharing AgreementStandard Research Data Sharing Agreement
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Data Sharing Agreement
An intermediary portal like DNAnexus will act on behalf of POLARIS to accept all deidentified cohort-level variant data and its phenotypic meta-data generated externally
(genotype, phenotypes, annotations, etc.) for the CHORUS.
The submitting institution must have the authority to share the data they submitted with
CHORUS and results with other researchers. The submitting institution may withdraw their
dataset from the CHORUS at any point of time by notifying CHORUS administrators. The
CHORUS administrators will withdraw the dataset within 5 working days from the
notification date. However, results that have already been shared with other researchers
cannot be withdrawn.
The contributed data will never be shared with Portal users; only allele frequencies of the
matching criteria (chromosome, position and reference allele and alternate allele) will be
shared. The cohort-level summary data will reside in one or several data vaults accessible
only to a neutral party