Software Development ProposalSoftware Development ProposalSoftware Development Proposal
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Business Proposal for In-House
Software Development and
Consultancy Services

1.0 Executive Summary
This business plan outlines the strategy and various services that we shall be
providing if given an opportunity to start the In-house development mainly on
integration aspects of Large Scale and Medium Scale Businesses. Apart from
this in-house development the plan also highlights various areas where our
consultancy services can be used effectively to generate considerable revenue
and turnover for the company. We expect a high degree of profitability based
current market needs and businesses that have already expressed the need
for such services. Our expertise and commitment along with the reputation of
your company shall be the key of our success in the years to come.

• To create a workforce and start In-house software development which


would initially target the EAI market. We will also take up ad-hoc
software development based on client needs.
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