Simple Research and Development Agreement
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This AGREEMENT made this______________ by and between the Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.
(hereinafter called ISURF), and _____________________________(hereinafter called COMPANY).
Whereas, COMPANY has requested a sample of the following proprietary amaranth germplasm which was developed at Iowa
State University and is owned by ISURF.
Germplasm – Pillar Red and Pillar Orange
ISURF agrees to supply seed of the above germplasm and COMPANY agrees to abide by the following terms of the
1. Seed provided may be used for basic research, field testing, product evaluation or crossing.
2. The germplasm may be used for crossing to develop segregating populations, but each germplasm strain will not contribute
more than 50% of the genes to a population.
3. No transformation techniques will be used with this germplasm without prior written consent of ISURF.
4. Seed stock increases of the germplasm may be conducted.
5. N