SEO Report Card TemplateSEO Report Card TemplateSEO Report Card Template
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by Brandon Falls, Adi Goradia, and Charlene Perez

Google's SEO Report Card aims to identify potential areas for improvement in Google's product pages. If
implemented, these improvements could:
• help users find our pages more easily in search engines
• fix bugs that annoy visitors and hurt our pages' performance in search engines
• serve as a good model for outside webmasters and companies
We reviewed the main pages of 100 different Google products across a number of common SEO topics. The
results are below, followed by a discussion of each topic.

Report card
Subjects and topics

Products passing


Title tag format and length

10% (10 / 100)

Needs improvement

Description meta tag use

33% (33 / 100)

Needs improvement

Google sitelink triggering for [google product]

44% (44 / 100)

Not for grading

32% (14 / 44)

Needs improvement

89% (89 / 100)


Subject I: Search result presentation

Appealing Google sitelinks
Clear main page result on Google for [google