Sample Digital Marketing StrategySample Digital Marketing StrategySample Digital Marketing Strategy
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Praise for
D i g i ta l M a r k e t i n g
S t r at e gy
‘Simon Kingsnorth has produced a book of compelling quality. So many
marketers are inclined to run headlong at digital marketing with a limited
amount of knowledge. Fingers get burnt and reputations can be lost forever. He
has set out some brilliant guidelines for marketers of all levels which will
empower them to succeed.’
Damian Ryan, digital marketer, author of Understanding Digital Marketing,
Understanding Social Media and The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the
World II
‘An excellent all-in-one text for today’s digital entrepreneur.’
Jonathan Gabay, keynote speaker, lecturer, brand psychologist
‘Combines a detailed knowledge of digital channel management with classic
marketing theory. The result is essential reading for digital marketing
practitioners at all levels.’
Emma Wilson, CEO, Harvest Digital
‘It’s all here. An invaluable one-stop guide to navigating the discipline of digital
marketing – great for newcomers and