Master Research Data Sharing AgreementMaster Research Data Sharing AgreementMaster Research Data Sharing Agreement
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Master Data Sharing Agreement
This Master Data Sharing Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered by and among the Camden
Coalition of Healthcare Providers (“Camden Coalition”), located at 800 Cooper St. 7th Floor,
Camden, NJ 08102, Center for Family Services (“CFS”) located at 584 Benson St., Camden, NJ
08103, and ____________________, that provides Solutions and support to the Camden Promise
Neighborhood, and is located at __________________, collectively “Parties”. This Agreement
shall be effective as of May 1, 2017 (“Effective Date”).
1. PURPOSE AND INTENDED USE OF DATA SHARING. The purpose of this Agreement
is to facilitate the submission of data to the Camden Coalition for the creation, use, and
maintenance of a system of integrated social, health, and educational data concerning citizens
of Camden City, Southern New Jersey, and the broader state of New Jersey in order to obtain
a more complete understanding of the service needs, service gaps, and impact of services
(“Camden ARISE”). The