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Project Proposal
Project Title: UCSC Web Function and Design
Prepared By: David Turner

Date: 1/20/2009


Web presence at all levels of the campus is widely accepted as one of the most critical components of UCSC’s
external communication. An effective, coordinated web presence requires a well-planned architecture and
consistent design elements, supported by agreed standards, processes, and tools.
Purpose Statement (Goals):

Working in consultation with governance bodies, campus principal officers, and the Academic Senate, this project
will engage a third party consultant to evaluate and recommend a design for UCSC’s official web presence. Scope
for this work includes:

general information architecture (how pages are organized and navigated)

visual design (look and feel), and

design and development standards for distribution to campus organizations
A key deliverable of this work is a suite of web templates designed to integrate with a centrally-suppor