Free Prenuptial Agreement Template 30Free Prenuptial Agreement Template 30
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{Name} and {Name} are entering into this agreement (“Agreement”) this {date}
day of {month}, {year}, for the purposes of defining the financial relationship and
respective rights and privileges each party will have in the event of the
termination of their prospective marriage.
The parties agree that they are entering this Agreement of their own free will, and
have sought out legal representation if they determined it necessary.
The parties agree to the following conditions:
1. “Separate Property” means anything either party owned or owns,
individually and without any financial support from the other party, as of
the date of marriage.
2. Each party, as of the date of marriage, owns the following property
individually, which shall be defined as Separate Property:
{description of the property each party owns, which will not be
subject to any claims from the other party; be detailed}
3. After date of marriage, the following property earned during marriage will
also be