Free Prenuptial Agreement Template 18Free Prenuptial Agreement Template 18Free Prenuptial Agreement Template 18
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Prenuptial Agreements

Can a Prenuptial Agreement help you?
There are a lot of myths about what a prenuptial agreement
(“prenup”) is and who uses them. Prenups have far more
uses than simply protecting the assets of a wealthy individual.
Prenups can be used to:• Protect a party’s assets
• Protect a party from assuming the debts of the
other party

The Courts will analyse prenups with a careful eye so it pays
to get it right and create a prenup that is clear, understandable
and justifiable. If a judge decides that your prenup is unfair
or doesn’t meet certain requirements, the agreement will
be set aside. To avoid such pitfalls, both parties should take
independant legal advice from an experienced lawyer who can
advise them on their rights and review the prenup to ensure it
complies with local law.

• Determine how property will be passed upon death
• Clarify financial rights and responsibilities during
a marriage
• Avoid long, costly, disputes in case of divorce.

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