Free Prenuptial Agreement Template 19Free Prenuptial Agreement Template 19Free Prenuptial Agreement Template 19
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This agreement consists of two pages and a notarization page. Instructions for filling out this document may be found on page 4.
It is important that the instructions be carefully read and followed in completing the form.
THIS AGREEMENT made on the

day of the month of

in the year 20________, in the City/Town/Village of

, State of

between Husband-to-Be:
residing at:
and Wife-to-Be:
residing at:

The parties, who intend to be married in the near future, hereby agree as follows:
I. Arbitration. Should a dispute arise between the parties after they are married, so that they do not live together as husband and wife, they

agree to submit to binding arbitration before the Beth Din of America (currently located at 305 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1201, New York,
New York 10001;, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide all issues relating to a get (Jewish divorce), the
ketubah and tena’im (Jewish premarital agreements) entered into by the Husband-to-Be