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Pregnancy Confirmation Form
We recommend having pregnancy ultrasounds performed at or near the 15
point), the 28



day (twins can be observed at this

day (a heartbeat can be detected, and the vet can check for twins if a 15 day ultrasound was not

performed), the 65 day, and if in doubt, a palpation later on into the pregnancy (usually prior to beginning the 5/7/9
month Pneuma-Bort shots.) However, all of these pregnanct checks are not mandatory, and we only require one
pregnancy ultrasound, between the 27 and 70 day, to confirm pregnancy in accordance with the Breeding Contract.


(mare name)
(description/color) has checked

o in foal

(Mare is

days pregnant.

(27 days minimum, 70 days maximum»

o not in foal

Mare was bred to:
CG Walkabout
* This Pregnancy Confirmation form, with original signatures,
must be returned to Gigha Steinman within 15 days of examination by a licensed veterinarian, in
agreement with the Breeding Contract **
Please re