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Power of Attorney
A Power of Attorney is a legal document in which a parent authorizes another adult to
act in the parent’s place on behalf of the child. A Power of Attorney is a
“permission slip” which tells others, such as doctors or teachers, that when a
parent’s signature is needed, the other adult has authority to sign in place of a
parent. By signing a Power of Attorney the parent does not give up any parental
The parent retains all legal rights. With a Power of Attorney the parent shares
the authority to make decisions with a designated adult.
In any Power of Attorney, the parent decides:

which duties he/she wishes to share with the other adult, and

the length of time that the Power of Attorney will be in effect.
A Power of Attorney can be used for a limited purpose such as taking a child to a
specific doctor’s appointment or registering a child for school. A Power of
Attorney can also be used for broad purposes such as all de