Free power of attorney 38Free power of attorney 38
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I, the undersigned,
of ______________________________________________________________ (address)
born on the _________________ day of ______________________ 19_______
do hereby appoint _________________________________________________
of_______________________________________________________________ (address)
(hereinafter called "the Agent") to be my lawful agent for managing and transacting my business
in the Republic of South Africa with full power and authority for me and in my name, and for my
account and benefit:

To demand, sue for and recover, and give discharges for all moneys, securities for all sums
of money, debts, stocks, shares and property now or hereafter belonging to me, whether
solely or jointly with any other person or persons.


To manage and let my immovable property in such manner as the Agent shall think fit and to
make any outlay in connection with the said property an