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Durable Power of Attorney
For Finances
Choosing Someone to Handle Your Property
And Finances in Case of Disability

Washtenaw County Probate Court

Shared/Social/Resources/DPOA for Finances

We all value the right to make decisions for ourselves. Whether we term this autonomy,
liberty or independence, it is central to our concept of dignity.
One important area in which we exercise independence is controlling our money –
deciding what to buy, how much to save and where to invest. Few would deny a competent adult
has the right to make such decisions.
Unfortunately, due to illness or injury, it may become inconvenient or impossible for an
individual to effectively manage her or his financial affairs. Such disability may be temporary or
No one likes to consider the possibility of becoming unable to make decisions. It is easy
to put off thinking about that occurring, and how we would like things handled should it take
place. As difficult as it is to confront these issue