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Haywood County Arts
86 N. Main Street 828-452Council
Waynesville, NC
Minor Photo/Video Release Form

I give the Haywood County Arts Council permission to publish in print,
electronic, or video format the image or video of my child. I release all
claims against the Haywood County Arts Council with respect to
copyright ownership and publication including any claim for
compensation related to use of the materials.

Minor’s Name

Parent or Guardian (Please Print)

Parent or Guardian Signature
General Guidelines: Haywood County Arts Council requires a signed
release when we photograph or videotape a minor (under 18). Parent
or guardian signatures are required; signatures of minors are not
sufficient. When images are published, the Haywood County Arts
Council will take cautionary steps to provide minimum identifying
information and will not use specific street or mailing addresses, e-mail
addresses, or phone numbers. Signed release forms ar