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Taking Pictures at Church and Putting Them on Your Church’s Website
During the year, many churches are having a lot of additional activities, especially where
children and youth are involved. A good example would be VBS, children’s camp, youth camps,
youth mission trips. children's musicals. When these events occur, out come the cameras to
capture these exciting events.
Then the question arises, what do we do with these pictures? Many times these pictures are put
on the church’s website or some other social media website. They are put on the World Wide
Website or in other official church printed publications without consideration to the individuals
in the pictures or without the individuals’ permission.
The problem is that the church may NOT use anyone’s image without his/her permission unless
the photograph is taken in a public place. A church is not considered a public place. A church
service or church events are open to the public but are not considered a public place because the