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Photo Release Form
Service unit or troop number:
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Communication medium(s):
Facebook, website, troop/SU
newsletter, etc.

We take pride in all of our endeavors, including the use of
communication tools that help keep our service unit, troop, family and
friends informed about events and opportunities that take place.
Occasionally, we photograph events and some of those photographs
may contain images of children, youth, and adults participating.
Being mindful of the safety of all the children and the
privacy of all individuals who participate, we would like
to obtain your permission to post or print images of our
events that may contain images of you or your child.
Safety is our primary concern. Please take the
time to fill out the information below.
Parts of your child’s, hand, leg, back of head etc. may
be in photos and will not be removed. This is outside
the scope of this release. Initial here:
(print parent/guardian name)

hereby grant permission to allow