Free Partnership Agreement Template 40Free Partnership Agreement Template 40Free Partnership Agreement Template 40
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Partnership Agreement Template
Name of Partnership
1. Details of partners
This agreement is made between
Partner 1 – name and address
Partner 2 – name and address
Partner 3 – and so on……………….
2. Context
This partnership is set up to briefly set out purpose of partnership.
3. Period covered
The agreement will be from insert start date to insert end date (if there is one) unless
extended by mutual agreement or terminated in accordance with section 6
This agreement will start on insert start date and will continue indefinitely or until terminated
by mutual consent or in accordance with section 6
4. Relationships
Principles of partnership
All members are expected to agree to our principles of partnership. These are set out at
Annex A.
The partnership consists of the whole partnership group plus the following sub groups. The
partnership group will be chaired by insert partner who will chair. The chair will be elected
annually by the partnership.
The partnership c