Free Partnership Agreement Template 42Free Partnership Agreement Template 42Free Partnership Agreement Template 42
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We have agreed on the following goals and objectives as the focus of this mentoring relationship:
To develop a dynamic reciprocal relationship fostering professional growth.
To work towards the development of a career development plan.
To introduce Protégé to best practices in academic medicine.
We have discussed the process by which we will work together, develop, and, in that same spirit
of partnership, collaborate on the development of a work plan. In order to ensure that our
relationship is a mutually rewarding and satisfying experience for both of us, we agree to:
1. Meet regularly. Our specific schedule of contact and meetings, including additional
meetings, is as follows:
We will meet once a month and be in contact by telephone or e-mail at least every two weeks.
2. Look for multiple opportunities and experiences to enhance the Protégé’s learning.
We have identified, and will commit to, the following specific opportunities and venues for