Free Partnership Agreement Template 34Free Partnership Agreement Template 34Free Partnership Agreement Template 34
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Sample Partnership Agreement Template
Title of Your Project
Partnership Agreement
(Examples are from “Transforming Spaces: Girlhood, Agency and Change”, a conference
organized by PCN.
About the project
Give an overview of the project in a few sentences. What is the project about? Where did
it come from? Why?
Our vision is to build cross-sectoral bridges between community practitioners,
grassroots, service providers, girls, young women, academics and policy makers that
acknowledges the diversity of perspectives and actions, for and by girls and young
women, that moves towards collaboration, communication and change in the social
realm. This vision will be actualized through the collective collaboration of a
coordinating committee to organize the first girls’ studies conference in Canada, which
will simultaneously function as the launch of POWER Camp National.
Outline here the activities that are part of the project plan and what phase the project is in.
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