Free Partnership Agreement Template 35Free Partnership Agreement Template 35Free Partnership Agreement Template 35
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Public-Private Partnership Agreement
Sample Template
This Public – Private Partnership Agreement (the “Agreement”), made effective as of ________,
2012, by and between the [Name of public entity], (“_________”), and
________________________ (“Company”), with principal offices at ______________.
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (“Ohio EPA”) administers a Diesel
Emissions Reduction Grant program (“DERG”) pursuant to Section 122.861 of the Ohio Revised
Code. The DERG Program provides grant funding to replace or upgrade diesel equipment
through a variety of technologies which are installed on equipment to reduce the consumption of
diesel fuel and reduce air pollution emissions. The DERG Program requires that any private
company applying for DERG funding enter into an appropriate Public – Private Partnership
Company desires to work with ____________ as the public sponsor of a proposed
DERG project, and ____________ is willing to participate in the DERG Pr