Free Partnership Agreement Template 28Free Partnership Agreement Template 28Free Partnership Agreement Template 28
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Partnership Agreement (Non –legally binding) with Risk Management : Template


Consortium/Partnership Agreement
Adapted from the model developed by Sandy Paton Consulting for the Central Highlands Community Consortium (2007) 1

This type of agreement is most appropriate for collaborations that are medium to low risk. It
can be used where organisations wish to maintain their own legal entities yet still be involved
in collaborative activities. It is most effective when supported by:
 a Briefing Note that provides information on the background of partnering services,
the drivers for collaboration
 an MOU, that covers how the collaboration was developed, how it will operate and
where relevant how it will meet funding support requirements.
For the risk management process use the Protocol Check List for Non – Legally Binding
Collaborations to identify applicable risk areas. Develop protocols that mitigate any
identified threats and document these in the Partnership Agreement. It