Free Partnership Agreement Template 32Free Partnership Agreement Template 32Free Partnership Agreement Template 32
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Final Version 6-25-10

Attachment C:
Agreement Instructions: This document serves as a “template” for States to use for development of
partnership agreements for approved AWEP projects with eligible entities. Remove, replace or modify
any items show in italic as appropriate and needed. Other than insertion of information within “< >”
brackets, the following items are not to be modified, changed or removed from the document: Agreement
Title; I. Authority; II. Background; III. Purpose; IV(C) Mutually Agreed Responsibilities; V. Duration
(except dates, names); VI. Provisions. Items 4A “NRCS Responsibilities” and 4B “Partner
Responsibilities” shall be modified to accurately document details of NRCS and Partner agreed to
responsibilities based upon the approved partner AWEP proposal. Only those items that NRCS has the
legal authority and resources to provide may be included in the agreement. Do not add any language in
this document which would obligate any NRCS financial or technical assist