Free Partnership Agreement Template 19Free Partnership Agreement Template 19Free Partnership Agreement Template 19
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This agreement ("Agreement") establishes a partnership ("Partnership") between the following parties:

{names and addresses of all people who will be in the partnership}
and is undersigned and set forth this {date} of {month}, {year}.
The undersigned parties hereby agree to the following provisions as conditions of the Partnership:

SECTION 1--Partnership Outline
1.1 The Partnership will be named {name of partnership}, for the purpose of {purpose of the
partnership}, and will conduct all business at {address where business will be conducted}.
1.2 Partnership will commence on the date listed above, and will end {specific date Partnership will
terminate, and/or a clause about how the Partnership will end, such as mutual agreement on a
dissolution, death of one or more partners, etc.} .

SECTION 2--Initial Capital
2.1 Each Partner will contribute original capital according to the following rules: {description of how
much each partner will contribute to the in