Free Partnership Agreement Template 16Free Partnership Agreement Template 16Free Partnership Agreement Template 16
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EWB-USA projects are most successful when there is a three-way partnership between each of
the entities listed below. Each partner has specific skills and expertise, which together, contribute
to a more sustainable project over the long-term.

Community - Community-Based Organization (CBO) and Community Members
(Examples include: water board, community development committee, women’s
committee, village council, etc.)
Local Partner Organization(s) - Local NGO and/or municipal/city government
EWB-USA Chapter

This contract is between (chapter name) chapter of Engineers Without Borders, USA,
(community name), and (local partner name) for the purpose of setting guidelines for (project
title). The roles and responsibilities listed below must be included in the standard EWBUSA Project Partnership Agreement. Additional roles and responsibilities identified by any
party to the agreement may be added at the discretion of all parties to the agreem