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Partnership Agreement Form
We are both voluntarily entering into this partnership. We wish this to be a rewarding
experience, spending most of our time discussing developmental activities. We agree
1. The mentoring relationship will last for ________________ months. This period will be
evaluated every three to six months and will end by amicable agreement once we have
achieved as much as possible.
2. We will meet at least once every ______________ weeks. Meeting times, once
agreed, should not be cancelled unless this is unavoidable. At the end of each meeting
we will agree a date for the next meeting.
3. Each meeting will last a minimum of ______________ minutes and a maximum of ______________ minutes.
4. In between meetings we will contact each other by telephone/email no more than once
every ______________ weeks/days.
5. The aim of the partnership is to discuss and resolve the following issues:
6. We agree that the role of the mentor is to: