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We Agree: Creating a Parenting Plan

Parenting Agreement Worksheet
Oklahoma Version1
Ron Cox
Assistant Professor

This worksheet will help parents put together a parent-ing
plan that meets the needs of their children as they parent
apart. In some states, this worksheet may become a part of
the legal agreement you file with the courts. Check with your
attorney, judge, mediator or family court administrator about
the use of parenting plans in your state or court system.

As you use this worksheet, keep in mind:
The Parenting Agreement Worksheet is a tool you can
use to create a parenting plan that will meet the individual
needs of your family. You are encouraged to use it as a
work-ing document and change specific items or add to the
plan based on your family’s circumstances.
The worksheet may be used for both divorcing and
never-married parents, or edited for use with other
proposed custodians, such as grandparents.
The language is gender-