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This Parenting Plan Agreement is entered into by and between Petitioner * * *
(Father/Mother) and Respondent *** (Father/Mother). The parties have [no.] child/ren
to which this Agreement applies, * * * (the Child/ren).
This Parenting Plan applies to Petitioner * * * (Father/Mother), Respondent ***
(Father/Mother), and their child/ren, * * * (the Child/ren).

The parties agree that joint legal custody [and shared physical custody of their

minor children, with each party having approximately equal parenting time with the
Child/ren pursuant to this Agreement] is appropriate. It is the intention of the parties in
agreeing to joint legal custody that each of them shall have an active role in providing a
sound moral, social, economic, and educational environment for the Child/ren.
Father and Mother shall make their best efforts to cooperate in making their future
plans consistent with the best interest of the Child/ren and in amicably resolving