Free parenting plan template 15Free parenting plan template 15Free parenting plan template 15
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Notice about these instructions:
These instructions are not a complete statement of the law and are not a substitute for the advice of an
attorney. These instructions cover basic procedure for parenting plans in uncomplicated divorce or
unmarried parent custody cases. If you have further questions about parenting plans, see the section “What
is a Parenting Plan and How Do I Use This Guide?" in the Basic Parenting Plan Guide.
These instructions are provided in a “worksheet” format so that as you go through the instructions for the
various sections of the parenting plan, you will be able to fill in information that can then be transferred to
the final form.
For more information, including resource and referral information, consult the Basic Parenting Plan Guide
for Parents and the Safety Focused Parenting Plan Guide. Both of these guides have information about how
to select a parenting plan that is best for you and your children, and give examp