Free parenting plan template 09Free parenting plan template 09Free parenting plan template 09
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Parenting Plan Worksheet


Used with permission of Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Date: ____________

Print and complete this worksheet to facilitate discussion and development of a parenting
plan. You may alter the content to meet your needs. As children grow and time moves on, you
may have to revisit and adapt portions of this agreement to suit new circumstances. If you can
anticipate changes, discuss them and include potential solutions for when the circumstances
arise. However, allow flexibility and agreement to modify the parenting plan as not all
situations can be predicted.
This document may be used in discussion between parents or with a counselor, mediator,
lawyer, etc. To make this plan legally binding, consult your lawyer.
This document is not necessarily exhaustive of all issues involved in developing a parenting
plan. Users are therefore advised to seek professional input prior to a final agreement.
This Parenting Plan regards the care of children subje