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State of Connecticut

Notary Public Manual
Denise W. Merrill
Secretary of the State

Prepared by
Office of the Secretary of the State
Revised September 2013

There are many reasons why someone would seek to be a notary public. You might be
the owner of a small business; you may work in an office where clients and customers
have frequent need of a notary’s services; you may enjoy the official nature of the duties;
or it may be a requirement of your job.
No matter what the reason, appointment as a notary public is a serious undertaking. The
notary is a “public official,” a person given a public trust, a person whose duties and
responsibilities cannot be taken lightly. The notary serves a vital role in the execution of
a wide range of documents. Whenever individuals see a document that has been
“notarized,” they should be confident that the notarial act has been performed correctly.
As a notary public it is your responsibility to use intelligence and judgment, and always