Free notary acknowledgement 10Free notary acknowledgement 10Free notary acknowledgement 10
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Copy Certification
Sample Oaths

You may use the standard form for notarial certificates for acknowledgments as specified in the Uniform
Recognition of Acknowledgments Act (A.R.S. § 33-501 et seq.). The forms below may also be used.

Formal Wording:
Acknowledgment where document signer is personally known by the Notary:
State of Arizona
County of
On this day of , 20 , before me personally appeared
(name of signer), whom I know personally, and acknowledged that he/she executed the same.

Notary Public

Informal Wording:
State of Arizona
County of
On (date) ,
(name of signer), personally appeared before me, whom I know personally to be the person who
signed the above/attached document and he/she proved he/she signed it.

Notary Public

Acknowledgment where the document signer’s identity is proven by a credible person whom the
notary knows personally or whose identity was proved to the notary on the basis of satis