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I hereby give and grant to Oklahoma State University the absolute and
unconditional right to use, publish display, and/or reproduce in any manner,
video/photographs, in which I appear. Including the right to edit or use a portion
of such video/photographs in connection with educational or trade materials.
I hereby waive any right, to inspect or approve the finished video/photographs, or
any finished materials, copy or other matters which may be used in conjunction
with, or the manner in which any of the same are used, reproduced, published, or
I further release Oklahoma State University from any liability whatever that may
occur or be produced in the taking, reproducing, publishing, showing, or
displaying of said video/photographs, and agree that Oklahoma State University
shall be the owner of the photographs and all rights to them, may copyright the
video/photographs in its own name, and may grant to others permission to use
I further u