Mobile (Manufactured) Home Bill of Sale FormMobile (Manufactured) Home Bill of Sale Form
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In Consideration of the sum of $____________________ (US Dollars) paid by
___________________________________ with a mailing address of
___________________________________ (Hereinafter known as the “Buyer”) to
___________________________________ with a mailing address of
___________________________________ (Hereinafter known as the “Seller”) conveys
the following described mobile home:
Manufacturer: ______________________ Model: ______________________
Serial Number: ______________________ Size: ______________________
Year (Manufactured): _________________ Location of Home: ____________________
The above described mobile home is sold free and clear of any liens, encumbrances, or
mortgage. Seller certifies that they are the legal and true owner of the mobile home.
The mobile home is to be sold in “as-is” condition with the following conditions: _______