Michigan Certified Payroll FormMichigan Certified Payroll FormMichigan Certified Payroll Form
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Certified Payrolls
Certified Payrolls
Weekly certified payrolls covering the contractor’s and subcontractor’s workforce shall
be submitted to the engineer on all MDOT-let contracts. Certified payrolls are required
for all covered laborer and mechanic work regardless of the contracting method used
such as subcontract, purchase order, invoice, or other contractual arrangement. Certified
payroll information may be submitted in any format provided that all information
requested on form WH-347 is included, and the compliance statement has original
signatures. This is a USDOL form and a link is available on the MDOT Web site at
http://mdotwas1.mdot.state.mi.us/public/webforms/index.cfm .

Submittal Requirements
The first certified payroll is to be received by the engineer within three weeks from the
start of the work for the prime contractor and/or subcontractor(s). The three week period
is to allow for processing and review of the certified payrolls by the prime contractor.
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